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Why LivLimitless is THE FIT FOR YOU

We are the only program that provides habit and behavioral based personalized training and nutrition coaching to guide, educate and empower you to break through and live a healthy lifestyle without limits. Unlike the latest health trends, and quick fixes, with outrageous promises that fail to deliver long-term results, or gyms with weekend certified coaches that leave you intimidated, injured, and often overwhelmed, at LivLimitless you are priority-one. Your win is our win. Specializing in functional movement and proven science based fat-loss programming, LivLimitless was founded in 2009 with the desire to help you be better today than you were yesterday. We take you back to “Square One” to reconnect you with your true and best self. We laugh, we cry, we sweat — and we do it together, as your extended family. Our success has been based on kindness, education, safety, fitness, nutrition, community, and celebration. Together we reshape your lifestyle for energetic living to achieve sustainable fat loss, and good health for your mind, body, and soul. With over 2,000 transformations, LivLimitless is the top rated personalized group coaching program in the Memphis area, and is proud to have been voted top 3 “Best of Memphis Gyms” in 2017 by the Memphis Flyer. If you’re ready to take back your life, click the get started tab on the menu bar and reclaim yourself!

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We want to get to know you and learn more about where you feel stuck and where you need guidance. We want you to come in and get comfortable with the space, the team, and the other members.


Choose The Program For You

Our services are designed to provide the expertise and accountability you need. We will work with you to find the right program for you and your goals to set you up for success from the very beginning.


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Personal Training

Customize your path to better health and fitness today with our Personal Training In Memphis. Regardless of your experience level or ability, we'll help you see real results in no time!

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Body Transformation Challenge

Transform your body in just 12 weeks at LivLimitless. Using the Amazing 12 system, this incredible program offers comprehensive coaching and the best total-body training. Join us today for Memphis' best Body Transformation Challenge.

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Group Fitness Coaching

Take on a training program built specifically for you with our Personalized Group Coaching in Memphis. We'll hold you accountable every step of the way. These classes are perfect for all ages and abilities.

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Our elite trainers offer a range of services to match your fitness goals

LivLimitless STEP 1: CLARIFY YOUR GOALS in Memphis - LivLimitless


Without a clearly defined goal, you will never see results. We will help you to clarify exactly what you want, and craft a plan that will ensure success. We take everything we learn about your needs, your goals, and fitness level and design a customized training program just for you.

LivLimitless STEP 2: ASSESS YOUR NEEDS in Memphis - LivLimitless


Our coaches will take the time to assess where you are physically and mentally. We will use several specific assessments in order to optimize your program and your results.

LivLimitless STEP 3: IMPLEMENT in Memphis - LivLimitless


Our coachers will train you through your program every time you are in our facility. We’ll teach you how to perform your exercises correctly, use our equipment properly, and continue to modify exercises as needed to keep you safe and challenge you accordingly.

LivLimitless STEP 4: RE-ASSESS AND SUPPORT in Memphis - LivLimitless


We will evaluate your progress and build new training programs for you on a regular basis to keep you efficiently progressing. You will finally have the consistency you need and we will keep you accountable to yourself and your goals long-term. We also support your progress with nutritional coaching to help you maximize your results.

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