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Personal Accountability?.

By January 31, 2014March 19th, 2021No Comments

I had a conversation with a member the other day who just recently attended her first class?.

Our goal of course is always to serve everyone in the class and make everyone feel like they are getting personal coaching.  This person came to one of our busiest classes and said she felt lost, and didn’t know what to do.  I understand her frustration.  I feel for her plight, but my question was, ‘Did you talk to any of the coaches?’  Her response was not really.  I feel bad that she didn’t get her every need met, but our coaches have no way of knowing what exactly she needed to learn.  

They are all approachable, and they are all ready and capable of helping you with whatever you need to be coached on, but if you don’t communicate with them as well, they have no way of knowing what you need help with.  

Many of our students have been there for quite awhile and do know what’s going on, so I understand that sometimes it can be a little intimidating, but those guys and gals are there to make your life easier if you let them.

If you don’t know something ask.  Our job is to set you up for success.  You have to hold yourself a little accountable as well, and you’ll succeed much faster that way.



To be discussed in class

Met Con:

 Ring Dips x 10 

 Power Snatch x 10 (light)

 3 rounds for time