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  • 12-11-19....Head Trash...

    I post this blog every PR cycle because I think it's that important to bear repeating... We've all got it. That little monster inside our head that says things like.... "You can't lift that, it's too heavy." "You shouldn't got to the gym today, you've got too much stuff to do." "That's too hard." "It's too hot." "I can't do this." "I'm going to fail." The list goes on and on. The reality is it's the voice of self doubt. What you have to do is realize that we all have that voice. We are all scared of failure. We all want to take the easy road. We all want to make excuses, but you have to realize that talk for what it is....head trash. When we have trash, we throw it out and ....

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  • 12-10-19.... Track Yo' Self...

    That which get's measured get's managed, and by managing those numbers your results will improve. Do you track what you do?Do you write down your nutrition? Do you write down your maxes? Do you track your workouts? Do you measure yourself? It's critical you write your stuff down so we can show your progress. The more you track, the more successful you'll be. So hit your PR's this week and write them down! Those PR's will help us guide you through the whole next year. PS: Have fun hitting those PR's. You earned it! 12-10-19

    Bench Press 3-1-1-1-1-1 Met Con:
    3K Row Burpees x 50 for time ....

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  • 12-9-19....It's PR Week Again!!

    This week is PR week. We are going to spend the next two weeks testing our maxes. The way this works is you start off with a light weight and warm up the lift. Then you need to add some weight and do a rep, rest appropriately and add some more weight. Here's a sample of percentages to work up to test your max if you have a previous max: Set 1: 50% of 1RM x 8 reps Set 2: 60% of 1RM x 5 reps Set 3: 70% of 1RM x 3 reps Set 4: 80% of 1RM x 1 rep Set 5: 90% of 1RM x 1 rep Set 6: Max test 102% ish of 1RM x 1 rep (aim for something that would be a PR but is definitely hitable) Set 7: Max test based off of previous lift Set 8: same as before It's important to build up the muscles in ....

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  • 12-4-19.... Exercise Is Like Construction

    Since we've been in the new building we have been doing construction. It's so difficult sometimes because I feel like everything is in flux. Different things are happening every day, and it's a lot to keep track of and on top of. That being said, I was just sitting here thinking about how similar our exercise journey is to a construction project. When we get started it's really exciting.
    In construction, we've got demo going on, walls are coming down, new things are being laid out. Walls are starting to get built. It's very exciting to see what's going to go up next. In exercise, it's very exciting as well. We get our new workout outfits, we are super excited about showing up. ....

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  • 12-3-19...Why You're Not Happy...

    12-3-19 Workout
    RDL Then Hip Thrusts Met Con:
    Tabata: 20s of work 10s rest x 8 intervals of: Box Jumps 1 min rest KB Swings 1 min rest Lunges (L+R=2) 1 min rest DB Push Press 1 min rest Flutter Kicks (L+R=1) ....

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  • 12-2-19... Time To Get Back On....

    Thanksgiving is over. Turkey is done. We've got a few more weeks until Christmas. Most people gain 15-20lbs during this time. Let's not do that. It's time to get back on the wagon. It's time to work hard through the end of the year. Own it, work it, and let's do the best we can through the end of the year! 12-2-19 Happy December!
    Bench Press Met Con:
    Overhead Squats x 10 (heavier than Nancy) 500m row 5 rounds for time ....

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  • 11-26-19... I'm Back!!!!

    Old betsy my computer is back up and running with a new hard drive. Fingers crossed this one lasts for quite awhile. You don't realize how much you rely on your computer until it's gone. Oh my gosh. Crazy how many things I couldn't do. I felt like I was stranded on a desert island. To make matters worse, Krystal's computer went out too, so we were both trying to work from our phones. It was enough to pull your hair out. But, I've got my computer back. Krystal's is still out of commission, thanks alot Waffles, but hopefully we can get it fixed soon. I can't tell you how excited I am to have this thing back! See ya soon!! 11-25-19 Workout
    (remember like always we scale the ....

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  • 11-18-19... Success Is In Your Routine

    What is your routine like? Does it set you up for success?   11-18-19 Workout
    Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift Hip Thrust (back on bench) Met Con:
    KB Swing x 20 (Helen weight) Single Arm KB Push Press x 10 (total) 250m row AMRAP 15 mins ....

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