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When we apply energy to many different things not much progress is made.  If you want to truly see success in one area of your life, some significant energy hast to be focused there.  For example, when the sun shines it warms things up, but nothing just catches on fire.  The energy is spread out and in general it warms things up but that's about it. 

Now, if you take that same energy and hyper focus it with a magnifying glass what happens?  If you're on a piece of paper or a piece of grass etc, it'll catch on fire.  The reason why is because the energy was focused in one place.  Imagine how awesome your fitness results would be if you hyper focused your efforts on them?  Even if it's for a relatively short amount of time, say 3 months, what could happen in that time frame?  I know you think three months is a long time but hopefully in the span of your life 3 months is not a terribly long time to hyper focus on something.  Get the results and then it's a lot easier to maintain.

So for the next few months, let's get hyperfocused.  Let's be a magnifying glass, and set your fitness on fire!



Levels Testing



400m run

KB swings x 21

Pull ups x 12

3 Rounds

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