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I hear this all the time.  "I don't have time to workout."  "I don't have time to cook good meals."  Insert any excuse here.  Believe me, I get it.  I'm just as busy as the rest of you.  Sometimes I find it hard to get a workout in as well.  I can think of all the excuses in the world to not workout, just like you can.  

But the reality is, when I'm choosing to do that, I'm just choosing to prioritize something else over working out.  I'm taking care of others before self.  While noble, we aren't doing anyone any favors by not taking care of ourselves.  You can not pour from an empty cup.  Don't you think you can be more present for your family, more energetic, and happier, when you are feeling good about yourself?  When you are healthier your brain works better, you're less stressed, you have more energy, you're more positive.  The list goes on.  Don't you think your family, significant others, etc deserve the best you possible?  

A consistent workout routine takes up about 4% of your week.  That's 96% of the week you have that you can dedicate to everyone else.  It's not taking too much from the world for you to take 4% for yourself.  

I read something the other day that really stuck with me....

"The day you die, you'll still have 40 emails in your inbox and a to do list undone."

Spend some time this week making yourself a priority.  Get your workouts in.  You'll never regret coming to workout when you do, but you'll almost always regret not coming.

Let's do this!



Levels Testing


Power clean x 5

50m run

Power clean x 4

100m run

Power clean x 3

200m run

Power clean x 2

400m run

Power clean x 1

800m run

For time

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