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I was reading through some old blogs and came across this one and decided to repost it. I think it's good info that everyone should here....

Have you ever been shopping for toilet paper or paper towels.  I stopped into a store yesterday to buy toilet paper.  This should've been the easiest task in the world right?..... wrong!  

I figured, "I think we use Charmin, so I'll just go and grab some," but wait, which package do I buy.  They have the most confusing packaging in the world.  All I kept seeing is 12 rolls equals 36 rolls, 14 rolls equals 28 rolls, 4 rolls equals 100 rolls (maybe I'm exaggerating a bit on this one), but you get my point.  It made it impossible to figure out exactly what I was buying and who had the best deal.  I think that's why they do it.  They try to frustrate people so much, that they just say to hell with it and just pick up whatever is in front of them.  I'm not sure if that's a great marketing plan, but they keep doing it, so it must be working.

As I was standing there, I started thinking that choosing a fitness professional, or at least choosing which path to take can be just as confusing.  Do you remember when anything with fat in it was the enemy?  How about carbohydrates aren't they the devil now? God forbid you consume some cholesterol.  What about healthy whole grains, oh wait it needs to be gluten free!  Sometimes it makes me want to bang my head against a wall, and this is my field of expertise.

So which one is it?  Here's the skinny (pun intended!).  The answer is....... it depends!  I know, I know, you were looking for the key to the universe, but the truth is I can't give it to you.  

The reason being is because the needs of an individual change according to that individual.  Many factors come into play including, body composition, goals, athletic pursuits, auto immune issues, allergies, etc.  The list can go on for days.  

While we can give extremely general guidelines like eat meats and vegetables, when you get more specific than that it helps to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about. 

** Side note** If you need more guidance here, we are starting another nutrition program early July.  We are getting results back from the one wrapping up and I'm blown away by the amount of inches lost.  Holy smokes!!

Back to the blog...

Then don't even get me started on exercise prescriptions.  Is the point to puke? Get a burn? Run for hours on end? Do a triathlon? Will lifting weights burn more fat or do I need more cardio?  How many splat points should I get, or is it I need to raise my temperature in a sauna? 

Again the answer to these questions are it always depends on your goals.

This is where a coach comes in handy, and not some fly by night personal trainer, or even many coaches in this area or online.

Find someone with the education and background to back up what they are saying.  Do they have degrees? Do they have certifications outside of a weekend course?  Does your person do evaluations?  Find someone who has experience and expertise, this will lead you in the right direction and help get you a more personal recommendations.  

Here at LivLimitless we've been in business in the Memphis area for 10 years now.  We have changed 1000's of lives.  We have the expertise and background to actually get you lasting results.

Don't get stuck in the toilet paper aisle with all the claims and shiny new objects.  Work with someone who knows what real results look like.

This month we are doing a 2 week trial of our program for ONLY $99.  If you have a friend who wants to give what you're doing a shot, share this blog with them and have them call us.  With this trial you and or your friends will receive a personal training session as well as 2 weeks of unlimited training to try out our program.  Again that's all for $99.  We are confident you'll love it.  Come check us out, spread the word, and let's start a program for the last time and actually get results!




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6 Rounds

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