6-4-19... The Struggle is Real....

These past few weeks have been pretty tough from a work perspective.  With the week before of me being out of town in the course I was taking and this week with Anthony being out, busy is an understatement.  With all the craziness sometimes we let life get in the way of our training.  It's important not to let life do that.

We all have goals in health and wellness and the more choices we make to forgo the good nutrition and the exercise consistency the more we veer away from those goals.

I'm just as guilty as everyone else of this, so it's important to hold ourselves accountable.  It's time to get back on the horse and start working towards those goals again.

Who's with me?




Dumbbell accessory movements


Single arm DB thrusters x 5

Single arm Waiters walk x 20m

Single arm suitcase carry x 20m

12 Burpees

4 Rounds for time


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