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Whenever we start a new skill like piano, dancing, art, a new language we allow ourselves to be beginners.

We quickly forget that there is a process for learning behind everything that we do.  Almost everything that we do is a skill and needs to be learned.  Some things are learned more quickly and advanced more quickly, some things take time, but you MUST allow for the learning to take place.

Eating correctly is a skill.

Exercise and training is a skill.

Doing specific moves in the gym is a skill.

Learning to make a health a priority is a skill.

Going to bed at a certain time is a learned skill.

All of the things you are struggling with are skills, and you have to allow time to learn them.  It's a process.

When we don't accomplish it quick enough, we quit and call ourselves a failure, but you'd never do that if you were trying to learn French and didn't get it in the first two weeks.

So give yourself some grace. Understand that these things take time, and embrace the process.




Back Squat


LivLimitless Gone Bad

Wall Balls

Hang Power Clean

Box Jumps

Push Press



1 min at each station

3 rounds for total reps

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