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I read a great blog by Gabe The Bass Player the link is here if you want to check it out. In the blog he talks about shortening the time horizon for setting goals.  I think it's relevant and totally applicable to all areas of life, especially fitness.

Here's what he had to say:

"Shorten The Time Horizon A really good way to become a pro at yearly goals isn’t to make more yearly goals.

A really good way to become a pro at yearly goals is to get good at weekly goals first.

Shorten the time horizon. Setting the goal, achieving the goal. Set, achieve, set, achieve. Get into a rhythm. Get accustomed to that experience.

You aren’t allowed to set yearly goals until you set and complete weekly goals."

- Gabe the Bass Player

Make them something achievable and behavior driven, not outcome driven.

For example: Train 4 times this week rather then lose 2 lbs this week.  There are many factors that will affect whether you lose 2lbs this week but setting a goal to have behaviors that will help you achieve your outcome are much better because you can control the behaviors.

What are some short term goals that you can accomplish this week to set you up for success long term?




Dumbbell accessory movements



Kb Swings

1 min rest

Goblet Squats

1 min rest

Weighted situps

1 min rest


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