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Nothing in life that is good happens within your comfort zone.  In fact, your comfort zone is where you become complacent and usually begin moving in reverse.

You will not progress if you're not pushing your limits.  You have to do the hard things to improve.  That's true in life, in work, in relationships, in anything that you do.  It's easy to do things that are easy, but when it comes time to do the hard things many of us quit.

Are you doing the hard things or are you avoiding them?

When the workouts seem very difficult do you get excited about making improvements in your fitness?


Do you avoid the workouts?

It's imperative for progress to do the hard things, so if you really want to progress, I would recommend that you become comfortable with the uncomfortable, or even better- embrace it. When you can get to where at least you can accept the struggle you'll see tremendous progress.






Box Jumps x 5

Ring rows x 10

200m row

6 rounds for time

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