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Do you eat like an A**hole?  What do I mean by that? I know the title is controversial and to be honest a little tongue and cheek, but the premise is the same. 

You see, many people work with us very hard at the gym, and then they sabotage much of their progress by eating whatever they want.  90% of the population uses the excuse that I worked out today so I can give my self some leeway on my nutrition, and this is true if you want to no progress or worse move backwards.  Working out actually makes you hungrier sometimes, and in turn we eat more food, when we feed the body unhealthy things we get fatter.  So some people can workout really hard, not pay attention to their eating and gain fat.  This can obviously be very frustrating.

Of course, the converse isn't true either, you can't starve yourself and cut calories and expect to lose fat long term.  In fact, most people cut calories and this works for the short term, but it actually slows down the metabolism long term.  Then we go off of our "diet" and when we do, we have a slower metabolism and we gain weight back faster.  This is equally detrimental to our health.

So what's the answer?

The answer is putting the right things in your body at the right amounts.  I know that may seem like a cop out, but it's true, and it varies for each individual.

That is why we put together our new LivLean Nutrition Program.

The 6 week option is the way to go for most people.  With this program you get:

- 6 weeks of recipes

- Weekly workshops to learn more and keep you going

- Weekly Challenges

- Before and after body fat % calculations

- Before and after measurements and photos provided

- No Macros to track

It's ONLY $199


The winner of the most body fat % change wins their $199 back.   




Dumbbell accessory movements


Burpees x 30


DB Snatch x 12

Single arm DB thruster x 12

Chin ups x 12

5 Rounds for time

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