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People walk through our doors every day essentially wanting transformation. They are unhappy with their body/ the way they look, or have no energy, or want to be able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath. The list goes on and on but with each goal, typically a need for a transformation is present.

During a sermon at Life Church today the pastor was talking about transformation and I thought the lesson fit really well with fitness as well.

Transformation begins with a choice.  There has to be a choice made that something needs to change, and when that choice is made transformation can begin.

After the choice has been made, transformation continues with commitment. Most people give up when it gets hard or they try to move ahead too soon and don't embrace the process that takes time. When we do this, we short circuit the transformation and can actually make it take longer.

In order for transformation to take place we must stick with the commitment, even when it's hard. In fact, we must stick with it especially when it gets hard. The difficulty is usually what creates the desired outcome. In fitness especially, the difficulty creates the intended response on the body.

Once we've made a decision to transform, and a commitment to the cause, then that will position you for purpose. When you have purpose you will continue to drive towards your goals. So, in order for transformation to truly take you hold, you have to root it in a greater purpose.  Looking better naked is a ton of peoples goals in fitness for sure, but what is the deeper purpose?  Do you have kids that you want to be healthy for, a spouse that you want to look better for? Or maybe you want to improve your health and body in order to finally be comfortable in your own skin and build your self confidence. 

Whatever your reason, find a deeper purpose, and it will lend itself to your transformation.

Make a decision to transform, commit to the process, and give it purpose, and you'll actually reach your goals.

See ya at the gym!






Push up x 150 reps

Pull ups x 50 reps

Everytime you stop on push ups or come off the bar on pull ups, you must complete 100m run and then continue on with reps.  Must complete push ups before moving on to pull ups.

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