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I just wanted to take a second to introduce our new LivLean Nutrition Programs.

We've been working on updating our nutrition programs for quite some time and we are super excited to roll both of these programs out.

Our 16 week Better Body Program has been a huge success over the past 8 years for the ones who followed it, but we have seen flaws in the program and are constantly looking at ways to improve and get people better results.

Ultimately, our goal is to help people achieve their health and wellness goals long term and do something that is sustainable to increase their quality of life.

In reality, the most successful "diet" is the one you stick with long term.  We can all follow things short term, but the long game is what's difficult to stick with.

With that in mind, we've developed two different paths to get you long term success.

First is our 6 Week LivLean Program

This is our first ever 6 week nutrition program and the way we've designed it, it will get you great results while having lots of fun!

Here is what you get with this program...

- 6 Weeks of NEW recipes

- Weekly in person workshops to learn more and keep you on track

- Daily accountability

- Weekly challenges

- Before and after body fat % calculations (something we haven't included in nutrition programs before)

- Before and after measurements and photos

- NO macros to track (gasp!!! I know, I know, we've got some things in the works which I think will help this be much more sustainable for you)

- We are offering a chance for you to win your $199 back as well!! Creating an awesome opportunity to have some fun and earn some cash!


Next we have our 12 Weeks LivLean Next Level Program

Here's what you get with this program...

- 12 Weeks of recipes (some old ones and some NEW ones)

- Personalized coaching throughout the 12 week program (you will be coached on an individual basis to get you the best results)

- Individualized, goal specific macros

- Weekly one-on-one check-ins with your Nutrition Coach

- Daily accountability

- Weekly challenges

- Before and after body fat % calculations

- Before and after measurements and photos

As you can see we've made quite a few changes to what we've traditionally done for the past 8 years.  I wanted to take a second to explain the thought process that went behind the changes and why we decided to make these improvements.

First we've separated the programs into two groups a 6 week and a 12 week program.

What we've found is that with our old program it works great for people for the first 5/6 weeks and then they typically fall off.  Some people hang on and they get fantastic results but usually around 40% of the participants fall off by the end of week 6.  We decided to create the 6 week program to allow people to hyper focus for 6 weeks.

Most people, can stick to something strong for 6 weeks, and this will allow us to help the most people in a short enough amount of time to be able to stick with it.  That being said, we have designed this program to help people set themselves up for long term success.  Once you complete this program, you could in theory continue on your own, by following the principles we are teaching.

We've added body fat calculations.  Many people focus on weight, but in reality the body composition is the most important thing.  Body composition is the amount of body fat relative to lean body mass.  This program will not only help people who are trying to lose body fat, but it will also help our lean people who are trying to gain muscle. By measuring body fat, we have a tool that we can use to equally gauge progress for each person.

The biggest change most of you will notice in the 6 week version is the removal of macro calculations.  While our macros do work very well as proven by the 100's of people we've helped with it, in reality it overwhelmed most people.  Time and time again we started people on macros and then spent the next 6 weeks trying to teach them how to calculate them.  Many of our people would get overwhelmed and just quit altogether.  Obviously, this didn't help the participant, or help us with our goal of actually getting people results.  With the 6 week program we've developed systems that are much, much easier to follow and much less intimidating to participate in.  These systems will also help set you up for success long after the program is done.

One of the next features we've added to this program is the weekly workshop.  Each week, we will have a workshop at the gym that Krystal is leading.  This will be a fun, energetic experience, we will teach some, but it will be more focused on helping you be more successful overall.

Daily accountability will continue, it'll just be in a slightly different format and a lot more fun!

Measurements, and photos, the staple of our results will still be intact. 

Last but not least, we are excited to create the opportunity to win your $199 back. 

What could be better then that?!?! Awesome results, and the opportunity to win your cash back!  Fun right?!?!

Now let's talk about the 12 week LivLean Next Level program......

This program is 12 weeks long rather than 16.  Technically our last program was 16 weeks long, but most people quit at the end of 12 because the next 4 weeks were on their own.

This program is macros based for the people who want to take it to the next level.

With this program you will receive 12 weeks of recipes, some new and some old.

We are also offering personalized coaching throughout the 12 weeks.  Here is one of THE MOST important distinctions with this program.  In the past, macros were somewhat individualized but it was in a group format.  While you will still have access to the group and group accountability, your macros will be completely individualized based off of your specific goals, needs, and situations.  This is fantastic news because it will allow us to have our finger on the pulse of your results and be able to make adjustments as necessary much sooner then 4 weeks in if needed.

With that in mind, we are offering weekly one-on-one check-ins with your nutrition coach.  That's right, each week you will get a personal check in from your coach and we will be able to make adjustments, help you with your personal roadblocks, and ultimately get you the absolute best results possible.

You will also have the daily accountability, weekly challenges, access to weekly workshops, body fat % calculations, and before and after measurements and photos.

With both of these programs we worked extremely hard to create the greatest opportunity for everyone to be successful with their nutrition, and we wanted to create an experience where you'll have a fantastic time and even better results.  

Please let me know if you have any questions!






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