4-17-19.... What I've Been Working On....

You may have noticed over the past week and a half that I haven't been blogging much.  The truth is, I've been crazy busy on a few things and honestly, something had to give for the short time.

One of the major things I've been working on is a course that Anthony and I are taking.  We leave next month to go to a Paul Chek seminar.  If you don't know who he is, it's ok.  What you need to know is that I was studying Paul Chek 20 years ago when I first starting training people in fitness.  The guy has been around forever and is absolutely brilliant at what he does.

In order to take the course we are attending, Anthony and I had to take 3 pre requisite courses and have those completed 30 days before our in person course.  Each one of these courses included about 8-10 hours of video modules, plus practical practice, and 100+ question exams.  Needless to say this has been an endeavor and reminds me of when I was in college.  These are high level college equivalent courses.  Due to my schedule I had to knock most of them out last week.  #cramsession

That being said, I am almost done with the pre reqs now, and can get back to regular programming.  I am so excited to implement much of the stuff we are learning into both our regular programs and personal training.

You may or may not know, but my background is in personal training, and I did that for 9 years before I began coaching group classes.  I love the one on one setting and in that setting it allows me to hyper focus on individual goals.  Whether it be fat loss, muscle and body composition changes, skill development, sports performance, or injury rehabilitation.  All of these I've had exceptional success in.  Here are some examples.....

- I've personal trained several clients who have lost over 100lbs.

- I've had several "hard gainers" add 20+ lbs of muscle on to their bodies

- I personal trained a girl who won the figure competition and became Miss Oklahoma and competed in the Miss America Pageant

- I've coached an athlete who finished 10th in the world at the CrossFit Games

- I've coached several high school athletes in athletic development that allowed them to achieve college scholarships

- My background and degree is in sports medicine, I have rehabilitated 1000's of injuries from severe spinal issues to sprained ankles

I'm mentioning this not to toot my own horn but merely to say that I love personal training and have spent a large chunk of my life doing it.  Focusing on this course has gotten me back into that mindset, and it's been great going back to some of my mental roots.

With Paul Chek, he's all about assessment and progressing the body through proper function throughout; physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I'm super excited to learn more and apply this to what I'm already doing. In an effort to treat a person holistically. 

I'm also very excited to be able to offer more personal training.  We have developed some packages that can coincide with group training and will be offering our services both personal and group in order to help you achieve your very best health outcome, and achieve your dreams.  If it's something that you're interested in, I'd love to have a conversation with you about what we can do to help you even more.

Have a great week!




Dumbbell accessory movements


Hang Power Clean x 5

Evil Wheels x 5

400m Run

Hang Power Clean x 4

Evil Wheels x 5

400m run

Hang Power Clean x 3

Evil Wheels x 5

400m Run

Hang Power Cleans x 2

Evil Wheels x 5

400m Run

Hang Power Clean x 1

Evil Wheels x 5

400m Run

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