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Congratulations to the following members!!!

Dana Ellington

Tina Lee

Renata Fullilove

Stein Lee

Meghan Boyle

Melody Rivas

Poncho Herrera

Sandy Morgan

Becky Larsen

Paolo Lucia

Lisa Carman

Matt Edge

Xavier Martinez

Even though they didn't know it, we were planning on Launching the Committed Club and these are the folks who attended 15 times or more in the Month of March.  Congratulations on being the first people to be in the club.  We will have a drawing, and award a $50 voucher on their membership for 2 of these awesome peeps!

Don't forget April starts our next quarter, so there is time to get your 15 in and start working towards that Quarterly Committed Club as well!

Have a great week!!



Levels Testing


LivLimitless Fight Gone Bad

Wall Ball x 1 min

Hang power clean x 1 min

Box Jump x 1 min

Push Press x 1 min

Row x 1 min

Rest x 1 min

3 Rounds

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