3-5-19... Sharing The Love....

We love you guys so much.  Sometimes we get caught up in the hustle and bustle so much that we don't take the time to tell you. So I wanted to just take a second and tell you how grateful I am for each and every one of you.

We truly do love the opportunity we have to help you and are grateful for every chance we get to help improve your life.

Thanks so much for being a part of our amazing community.

If the feeling is mutual, one of the best things you can do for us is help spread the word.  The more of your friends we have in our community the better it is for everyone.  Especially you.  The more surrounded you are by your community, the more successful you'll be.

If you know anyone who may benefit from what we have to offer, please let us know, we'd love to reach out and see if we can help them in anyway.






DU x 30/Singles x 150

Dumbbell Snatch x 10

Burpees x 10

AMRAP 12 mins

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