2-28-19... Talking to Yourself...

Listening to Jon Gordon speak this past weekend was an amazing experience.  He is the author of several books including the Energy Bus. I'm going to write several blogs about the wisdom that he imparted.  Today I want to talk about something he said that really struck me.  While talking about being a positive or a negative person, (he worded it as being an optimist, or pessimist).

He said that most of the time we let our emotions drive our feelings, and our emotions are not us.  He said one of the things that has helped him so much in becoming an optimist person is that he learned how to talk to himself rather then listen to himself.

If you think about it, this is very profound. If we listen to our own head and emotions, we will constantly be disappointed, never good enough compared to others, sad, and emotion driven.  When we talk to ourself, we get the opportunity to build ourself up.  We get to choose what we say to ourselves.  One rule of thumb I think is important to live by is to never say to yourself anything that you wouldn't tell your best friend.  When you look in the mirror and tell yourself how ugly you are, how fat you are, how stupid you are etc, it does you no good.  When you tell yourself how motivated you are, how passionate you are, how dedicated you are, how driven you are, how hard working you are etc, this will build you up and generally make your life better.

Best thing about this, is that you can implement it right this instant.  That's right, right now, begin talking to yourself and think of positive things you can tell yourself, then you'll see how much better you can feel emotionally.







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