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The CrossFit Open is coming. We will begin doing it this Saturday!  

Registration is actually open now... Click Here!  

What is the CrossFit Open you say?  

It's the first event in the CrossFit Games.  They cast the widest net possible, in order to find the "Fittest Person On Earth."  

The competition starts with the Open and then to the CrossFit Games.

Why am I telling you this?  

It's a chance for you to have fun proving yourself, and to see just how you stack up in the world.  LivLimitless will be doing the workouts as part of an event, and it's a great opportunity to be part of something truly special that is bigger than you, the gym, Memphis, and puts a world wide spotlight on things.

I know what you're saying, "yeah but I will never qualify for the games."  Well duh!  Most people won't.  

That's not the point.  

The point is this; where in any other sport can you do the events that the best people in the world do and see how you stack up?  

Also, after doing the events, you have a greater appreciation of what that performance actually means.  

Here are a few reasons why every person, including you, should do the open....

1)  You're totally good enough Even if you can't do the weights as prescribed, you can do the workouts.  We will scale the workout for you, that's the point of CrossFit, to be infinitely scalable.  This will increase your appreciation for someone actually doing it prescribed.  Plus, you never know what you can actually do until you put yourself to the test...... you may surprise yourself.

2)  It's a chance for you to be in a competition When was the last time you competed in anything?  Um...... grade school?  Yeah me too.  Do you remember what it was like before the contest counted..... heavy breathing, butterflies in your stomach, people cheering?  Now it's time for you to throw down the gauntlet and have some fun in a safe controlled environment, and you can cheer on other competitors who do have a  shot at regionals.

3) It puts a whole new spin on watching the best athletes perform 185lb snatch x 30 reps, what does that even mean?  "Oh I did that workout with a 15lb bar and it killed me.... those guys are AMAZING."  

Perspective is a good thing to have, and you'll be surprised how into it you can get when it comes time for the CrossFit Games this year!

4) It's a fantastic time! Fun is the name of the game.  Again, being in that competitive environment is a rarity for most people.  Now is the time to feel that feeling again, or maybe for the first time.

You'll never know what it's like if you don't try, so get registered and let's get rolling! Click here to register!  




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