2-12-19... Beer Goggles...

There's this term for when people drink too much at the bar, and then are attracted to someone they wouldn't normally be attracted to.  It's called beer goggles. I know it's not PC to talk about but let's face it, it happens.  For the sake of analogy let's just take it for what it is.

When we have been unhappy with where we are health, fitness, body fat, performance wise, etc, we typically continue to see ourselves with our own version of beer goggles.  Although, instead of alcohol changing our view, it's our own perspective, self doubt and insecurity.  We tend to NEVER be happy with the progress we've made, and we tend to ALWAYS see in ourselves less then what is actually there.

This is true for most things, but I especially see it in our field.  I've had people lose 100lbs in our program and still say they don't see a difference in the mirror.  Are you serious?  Yes they are serious.

That is why we take before and after pictures.  That is why we do measurements because you have made progress you just don't see it yourself.

Believe me, I get it.  When I look in the mirror I still this little fat kid middle schooler who used to get beat up and called jelly rolls as a nickname, but in reality I've come a long way. Still though, I've been in the fitness industry for 19 years, and only 2 years ago after I finished A12 was the first time I'd ever posted a picture on purpose of me with my shirt off.  I'm well aware of the mental struggles.

That being said, it's important to understand that you are making progress.  Remember it progress never goes as fast as we want it to, but it is happening.  If you're showing up and eating decent you'll get results.  Keep it going.  Enjoy the journey, and trust your friends.  When you friends start asking you what you're doing and complimenting you, they are telling the truth.  Don't down play it, enjoy the compliment.  Enjoy the process.  Give yourself credit.  And every now and then, put some old pics side by side with your new ones.  If you have an open mind, it'll blow your mind.




OHP while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Russian KB swing x 10

DU x 20/Singles x 100

AMRAP 12 mins

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