1-29-19....Two Pains...

There are always two pains in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs a ton.

- Tony Robbins

Too many times we fall short of our goals because we lack to the discipline to keep the small habits going.  We look at the very very short term pleasure and forgo the long term goals.  The brownie and ice cream sitting there looks really great right now, and we tell ourselves that it's just this once.  Then we think well I did that yesterday, so I'll start next week, let me get this out of my system this week.  Then next week comes and it's like, let me start next week. 

We keep putting things off in lieu of pleasure right now.  We view the pain of starting something as greater the pain of staying in our current state.  In reality all we need to do to start something is get started.  Stop waiting on motivation to get started and just get started.  Figure out a few habits everyday that will positively benefit you, and you'll see tremendous progress over time.

Starting begets progress, progress begets motivation.

There will always be pain.  Wouldn't you rather feel the pain of discipline and actually achieve your goals rather then the pain of regret for not achieving them?

You decide.




HH Clean and Jerk


Power Clean x 10

Farmers Carry x 20m

Power Clean x 8

Farmers Carry x 20m

Power Clean x 6

Farmers Carry x 20m

Power Clean x 4

Farmers Carry x 20m

Power Clean x 2

Farmers Carry x 20m

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