1-28-19.... Focused on the Wrong Things...

Most of our suffering and misery comes from a focus on me.

- Tony Robbins

Sure you can argue.  "I'm suffering because I'm sacrificing for my kids." "I'm suffering because my job is stressing me out."  Both of these are really about you.  The sacrificing for the kids is really about how YOU don't want to let the kids down.  Your job is stressful because you are focused on YOUR performance. I could go on forever, but you get the point.

What Tony Robbins is saying is that everything that we are doing to put ourselves in a suffering state is ultimately because we are making it about something to do with ourselves.

The anecdote to suffering, Tony argues, is appreciation.  It is impossible to feel bad or negative about things in state of gratitude.  Tony says, "change your expectations to appreciation and your life will change."

Instead of obsessing about ourselves and our situations when we focus on being grateful and appreciate the way things are we will see a tremendous positive outlook on life. 




Deadlift while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Barbell stepping lunges x 8

Ring dips x 10

DU x 30 or Singles x 150

5 Rounds for time

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