11-15-18... What Isn't Working...

If what you're doing isn't working, perhaps it's time to change what you're doing. 

We tell ourselves this story, and we truly believe that we are doing the best that we can do, but is that actually true?  Are you doing your best? 

I still have Halloween candy sitting out on the counter and you better believe I ate at least 6 pieces last night while sitting on the couch.  I'm a sugar addict, if it's sitting there I will eat it.  I made a few choices last night that moved me away from my goals.  If I continue to make those choices, I will not achieve my goals, and most likely.

So I really want you to look at the story you're writing daily.  If you're not achieving the results you are after, what needs to change?




Front Squat while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


800m run

Burpees x 30

2 rounds for time

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