11-14-18... What's Your 2020 Vision....

Every year, once a year, at the stroke of midnight we set New Year's resolutions.  We get all excited about where we will be next year, we claim we will lose weight, make more money, travel the world, whatever you fancy.  Then usually by March we have fallen off, and gone back to whatever it is we were doing before.

What I want to do is challenge you to think a bit differently.  We are going into the last few months of 2018.  Crazy to think about but it is true.  We have 14 months until 2020.  I want you to start thinking about your 2020 vision now.  Where do you want to be on the stroke of midnight in 2020?  What is your vision for your life?

I want you to start thinking about it now.  Then I want you to take action.

Ask yourself these questions.....

What can I do over the next two months to set myself up for success through 2019 and achieve the vision in 2020?

Many people want to have more money.  That's a New Year's resolution, but during Christmas they over extend themselves and have to spend the next 4 months paying back their credit cards.  What if you could start budgeting now for Christmas, so that you didn't over extend and set yourself up for success in the beginning of the year?  This is just one example but there are countless examples of things you can do now, right now, to help your next year.

If my vision were a reality in 2020, what would have to happen for me to get there?

Look at your current behaviors and then figure out what habits you need to begin right now in order to achieve that vision in 2020.  Let's take fat loss for an example.  The majority of people gain on average 20lbs between now and Jan. 1st.  Then they set a resolution to lose body fat.  What if you planned accordingly now?  Ate really healthy leading up to one day of indulgence, Thanksgiving, and then ate healthy leading up to two days of indulgence on Christmas Eve and Christmas?  Then you won't gain 20lbs over the next few months, and you'll be significantly closer to your 2020 goals.

**side note, we are starting a 24 day jump start directly after Christmas, so if you want to get a jump start on your resolutions let's get you registered asap.

There are countless examples, of habits that you can start forming now in order to set you up for success through 2019 to achieve your 2020 vision.

But the key factor is, you need to think of where you want to go then map out how you're going to get there.

I recommend you write it down, write out the plan including habits you need to develop, then read that writing daily to make sure you're on track.  If you fall off track for a day get back on track the next day.  Start working through this now, and you'll see tremendous progress through 2019.




Clean and Jerk


250m row

Thrusters x 21

500m row

Thrusters x 15

750m row

Thrusters x 9

1k row

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