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The day before Halloween the entire social media (well mainly city Facebook groups) were a buzz with, "When will trick or treating be?" "Are they going to move the day of trick or treating due to rain?" then there were the responses.  Many people were on board, and many people were like, "what a stupid question."

Personally, I don't think it was stupid question, but I do think it's indicative of our society in general now a days. It reflects on people wanting things to be adjusted to make it convenient for them. Today's society is all about instant gratification, making things as easy as possible, and limiting the amount of work to accomplish something or limiting the amount of discomfort involved to do something. 

I'm not slamming you if you wanted Halloween on a different day due to rain.  I have kids, I get it, it's a lot easier to do Halloween on a day that isn't raining, but let's face it, an entire city can not adjust it's plans due to rain to make it more convenient.

In life, rain falls, bad things happen, good things come with struggle.  It's through these struggles that we become better.  Instead of stressing out about the rain, why not go trick or treating in the rain?  Jump in every puddle.  Ruin your Halloween costume.  Let's face it, will they ever wear it again anyway?  Can you imagine the stories that your kids will tell for the rest of their life about how this one time we went trick or treating in the pouring rain and got drenched? 

If they came by our house they would've gotten handfuls of candy since only one kid showed up.

We want everything to be so easy, but easy doesn't develop character, easy doesn't create memories, easy doesn't make us strong.

Sometimes it rains, we can embrace it or be disappointed by it either way the rain still falls.




Deadlift while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


KB Swings x5

Pull ups x 5

Burpees x 5

AMRAP 12 mins

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