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In case you haven't noticed, we started a new lifting cycle these next 12 weeks.  Over the winter our tendency is to slack off, train less, and eat more.  This is partly due to the business of the holiday season, and partly due to the weather is just less motivating.  That being said, with this cycle, we are focusing on hypertrophy which means muscle growth. No if you're female you're not going to get bulky or any other worry that you're having, but you should get some growth and more tone and definition where you want it.

The 10 rep scheme will be difficult, you'll need some mental toughness, and the burn will be real, but we should see some good results at the end.  What's also neat about it, is that your muscular endurance will improve, so your performance on the workouts should increase as well.  Here's to an awesome holiday battle of the bulge. :)




Bench Press while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


1k Row

KB Swing x 21

TTB x 12

3 rounds for time

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