10-9-18... Fall Break...

It's fall break and many people are traveling this week.  I want to encourage you to not let your fitness go by the wayside while you're traveling.  There are plenty of body weight workouts you can without any equipment.  Just wake up in the morning, knock it out and go on about your day.  Also, it's ok to relax a bit on nutrition, but don't go crazy town for a week.  A meal here and there is fine, but don't completely fall off the wagon.

Of course, there's always the option of doing the things I just recommended you don't do, and then coming back.  Believe me, you'll feel it.  That being said, make sure you come back.  Get back on the wagon, and get it done.  It'll come back quickly.

Here is a link to some at home workouts you can do while traveling: Click Here




HH Snatch


GHD sit ups x 30 or TTB/KTE x 30

Dips x 30

Chin ups x 30

Walking lunges x 50

Chin up x 30

Dips x 30

TTB/KTE x 30

for time

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