10-8-18... Always Give Perfect Effort...

Today I did the workout "Kelly."  The workout is typically a 400m run, Box Jumps x 30, and Wall Balls x 30, 5 rounds for time.  This workout is typically pretty brutal.  For me, I have a calf injury that happened a few weeks ago, and it's still painful for me to do much.  It was feeling better at one point, and I ran 2 miles well, went 0.7 into the 3rd mile and it fired up again.

It's infuriating of course.  I couldn't do the running for this workout.  I had to row.  I couldn't do box jumps.  I had to do step ups.  Wall Balls was the only movement I could do without modifying. I was frustrated, but I had to check my ego and take heed in my own coaching.  The overall goal is greater fitness, and I was going to get a fantastic workout.  In fact, rowing is harder then running, and step ups in some ways are harder then jumping, so I actually did a harder workout.  At the end, I got a 23 second PR faster then my regular Kelly time.

At the end, I was able to change my mindset.  I did a harder workout in a faster time, and I got my butt kicked.  More importantly, I gave my perfect effort, and increased my fitness.




Back Squat while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Squat Clean and Jerk x 3

Du x 20/Singles x 50

AMRAP 12 mins

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