10-5-18... Keep Your Eye On the Bigger Picture...

There are a million ways to accomplish your fitness goals.  Sometimes in training we get banged up.  A joint gets sore, or a muscle becomes achy.  Sometimes worse things happen like we fall at work and tear up our shoulder, or try to test your sprinting without warming up properly and tear a muscle.  These things happen.  It's important to keep your eyes on the bigger picture of overall health.

The key for overall longevity is to keep pushing through those issues.  There's no shame in modifying a workout.  In the end, whether you did exactly what was written on the board, or whether you modified some movements to still get a good workout it, the reality is, that you're still progressing towards your overall goals of health and well being.

In my life, I've had several injuries and issues that I've needed to work around.  None of them came from training in the gym, but all of them affected what I could and couldn't do in the gym.  This includes degenerated discs, a torn hamstring, a calf tear, broken leg, broken thumb, hernia surgery etc.  All of these things could've derailed my fitness.  They all could've caused me to hang it up.  But I didn't.

I found a way to keep on moving with what I could do and continued to progress towards my overall fitness goals.  Eventually the issues healed and I was able to do what I wanted to do.

No matter what happens, keep your head up and keep training!



Levels Testing



800 run

400m run backwards

2 rounds for time

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