9-13-18... The Secret Formula For Success..

Did you know there is a magic formula for success in your health and fitness?  It's a very complicated mathematical equation.  Here's the equation:

C(x) + C(c) = R2

Now what does that mean?

C= consistency

X= 3 or more

c= compliance

R= results

So consistency multiplied x multiple times a week + consistency multiplied x compliance of the program = your results squared.

We've written the plays for you.  Show up, be consistent, stay consistent both in showing up and training and following the other guidelines we give you, and you'll see tremendous success in our program.  It's really that easy.

Notice that the major part of the equation is consistency.  Are you being consistent right now?  If you're not showing up, you're not alone, BUT if you want to be successful you HAVE to show up.

There's been a lot of people out lately, and we need you to get back in here so we can help you be successful.

PS: Have fun doing it

PPS: We are doing an attendance challenge right now, there's some great prizes available, come to class for you to increase your chances of winning!





Front Squat, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


HSPU x 5

TTB / KTE x 10

Squats x 15

AMRAP 7 minutes

rest 3 minutes

AMRAP 7 minutes

*We do not kip HSPU*

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