9-12-18... I'll Be Happy When....

"What I realized was that I would never get to happiness as long as I held on to teh diea that as soon as I do this or get that or reach this benchmark I'll become happy."

- Mo Gawdat

This is a quote from the book Solving For Happy.  In this book this point struck me pretty well.  We spend our whole lives saying to ourselves, "If I make x amount of dollars, I'll be happy," or "If I reach this weight loss goal, I'll be happy," or "If I lift this amount of weight, I'll be happy," or "If I achieve this promotion," or "If I buy this house, or this car," etc etc. We keep setting goal posts, but then when we achieve that goal post, we move the goal post.  If you make $100,000 now you need to make $150,000.  If you reach your weight loss of 50lbs, now it needs to be 100lbs.  The goals keep moving forward.  Goals moving forward are not a problem in and of themselves, BUT and this is a big BUT, attaching your happiness to the achievement of the outcome is a HUGE problem.

If we continue to attach our happiness to an outcome, even when it's achievable, once we reach that outcome, we will either move the goal further or realize that the outcome doesn't make us happy.  Both of those are not a positive experience.

Setting goals is good and necessary.  Working hard to meet goals is great.  Finding joy within the work is awesome. 

What we need to do is realize that happiness can be achieved without attaching it to an outcome, then that will help us truly be happy.

If you're looking for a book to read, I highly recommend this one!




Tall Clean and Clean Pulls


"LivLimitless Fight Gone Bad"

Wall Balls

Hang Power Clean

Box Jumps

Push Press



1 min at each station

3 rounds


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