9-11-18... All Goals Are Equal...

I wanted to take a second and talk about the other end of the "weight" spectrum...

You know our program doesn't just take people that want to lose weight and help them. We also help people who are already fit, or very thin and want to gain weight and muscle.

Regardless of your goals, all goals are equal here, and we strive to create a community where everyone can reach them.  Sometimes when we are on one end of the spectrum especially if we have body fat to lose, we envy those that are already thinner.  What we don't think about is that our comments can hurt them as well.

For example, my daughter in law, Lyndon, weighs around 90lbs.  She's very tiny and has always been tiny. It's how she was made.  Many of us automatically think things like, "lucky," or "it must be nice," etc.  We make comments to them like, "it's easy for you, you're only 90lbs," or "it must be nice to be naturally so skinny." 

What we don't think about is, they are self conscious about that as well. If they are training with us they have goals too, and their goals are just as equal to yours, just different.  For them, they may struggle to add muscle, they may have struggled their whole life with being, "too skinny," with people telling them to go eat a cheese burger etc. When we make comments along the lines of, "it must be nice, you only weigh 90lbs," that's similar to someone making a comment about one of our members, possibly you, being overweight.  Commenting on someone's weight is not necessary regardless.  We are striving for acceptance of everyone here, so even if someone is where you want to be, let's make sure that we abide by our core values and Lead With Love for all our members.




Clean and Jerk


800m Run

KB swing x 21

HSPU x 12

3 rounds for time

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