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Today I met with a lady in her 70's. She had suffered a stroke and has limited movement on one side of her body.  She had done the physical therapy route and was making some progress until the insurance ran out.  We talked at length today about her goals, and I was completely inspired by her mindset.

At her age there could be and typically is a couple of different scenarios.

1) She could resign herself to, "well I'm 70 years old and had a stroke. This is what my life is now, and this is as good as it'll get. At my age, what's the point?"

I've run into countless people from the age of 40 on who have had this type of attitude with much lesser physical issues. It's much easier to give up or not do anything about the situation then to overcome the perceived difficulty of getting started.


2) "Well I used to be able to x,y,z and now I can't, so I'm super frustrated and I'll just quit or not try."

Again this runs in the same family. The perceived difficulty of getting started overcomes the actuality of getting started. It's much easier to resign to quitting before you start rather then trying and failing.

or there's this....

3) "I have been dealt this situation, and I feel like I can make improvements."

This was the attitude of the lady I met with today. She has things she wants to get done before she checks out. Bucket lists need to be checked off.  So she committed to a year of personal training with me. 

We've got goals.  We've got determination, and we will make progress.   I'm fired up.

Now I'm asking you, why aren't you accomplishing what you want to accomplish? Does your mind need to get out of the way for you to be successful?

We are well versed at dealing with anyone at any level.  Why don't you call us and let's see what we can do to help you with your goals?

If you are already a member, what's stopping you from achieving the outcomes you want? What can we do to help?

It's time to start living!




Bench Press while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Thrusters x 3

Du x 20 or Singles x 100

Thrusters x 6

Du x 20 or Singles x 100

Thrusters x 9

Du x 20 or Singles x100

Etc AMRAP 12 mins

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