9-3-18... Waiting for Perfect...

"Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress"

- Seth Godin

Too many times we get caught up on doing something perfectly, many times so much so that we fail to do anything at all. The key to success is doing. Make a move. If it's the wrong move adjust and keep moving forward. Continual progress over time is what creates lasting success. That doesn't mean you won't struggle. It doesn't mean you won't fail. It just means that you have to decide to keep the pursuit and you will achieve what you want to achieve.



Happy Labor Day!

"Lumber Jack 20"

Deadlift x 20

400m run

KB swing x 20

400m run

OHS x 20

400m run

Pull ups x 20

400m run

Box jumps x 20

400m run

DB squat clean x 20

400m run

for time

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