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I've said it time and time again...

You can not out train a bad diet.  Your nutrition is critical to your success.  Most people fail in their nutrition for a couple of different reasons:

1) You don't know what to do or they why behind it.

- Our program is designed around education.  We give you meal plans, recipes, and educate you on the why behind the recommendations.

2) You view nutrition as a diet or something that you can go off of.

- Our program is created to teach you how to change your lifestyle.  When you change your lifestyle it'll change you for the better long term.  We are all about long term success that is sustainable.

3) You have a hard time holding themselves accountable.

- Our program has coaches that are checking in on what you're doing  and holding you accountable to doing what you're supposed to do.  Even better then that, the group holds you accountable and helps you succeed.  Even better then that, we set up Q and A's and answer tons and tons of questions to support you every step of the way.

4) You don't know how much to eat.

- Our program gives you specific amounts to eat every day relative to the amount of training that you are doing.  It's customized based off of you and where you're at.

Bottom line....

If any of these points describe you, it's time to do something about it.  This program eliminates all the hurdles, and does everything to set you up for success.  Our next program isn't until the third week of January, so if you want to look good through the holidays, now is the time.

It starts tomorrow

PS: All the people who think they don't want to lose weight so this program isn't for them.  Wrong.  This program will set you up to add muscle easier and increase your performance to top notch levels.  Nutrition matters all the way around.






HH Snatch x 5

500m row

5 rounds for time

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