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Our workouts are designed to create a specific response.  In all of our training, we have to remember that the overall goal is to increase work capacity over broad time and modal domains.  What does that mean in normal speak?  Increase your ability to do work over many different areas.  Or to put it simply, increase your fitness.  #gainz.

That being said, there are many times where it's appropriate to scale a workout.  The workouts written are designed to tax the most advanced and fittest athletes on earth so it's understandable if you need to scale a movement or change something slightly so you can increase your fitness.  There's no shame in doing a scaled or modified workout because we are still working towards our goals.

Recently for example, the gym workout had muscle ups in it.  I know that there are only 4-5 people in the gym that can do a muscle up, but those 4-5 people need that skill tested periodically.  I am one of those people and usually I love doing muscle ups in a workout.  It's been probably 6 weeks since I did one, and that day after spending 6 minutes attempting 1 muscle up in the workout, I scaled my workout to dips.  Was I not happy about? Sure. But, I know that muscle ups just weren't in the cards for me that day and in the grand scheme of things, I needed to adjust and continue towards the larger goal of increasing my fitness.

So, remember the overall goal is to increase your fitness.  There is no shame in scaling a workout to achieve the desired outcome of the work out.  You've got this.  Let's keep on keepin' on.  See you soon.




Clean and Jerk



Pull ups x 5

Push ups x 10

Squats x 15

AMRAP 20 mins

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