8-28-18....Food Sensitivities...

In my 18 years of working in the health and fitness industry, I've noticed a trend that many people are not aware of.  What I've found is that most people who have body fat to lose, likely have one or more food sensitivities.  It sounds hokey or some new age thing but it's true.

I went through a period of time myself wondering what was going on with my body and why even when eating "healthy" I still didn't feel good.  I found out some crazy things I was sensitive to such as lettuce (yes I know it's weird) and lemons.  Well that explains why after I ate my baked salmon salad with lemon on it and my lemon water, that I felt like I needed to take a nap and was sluggish all day.

We've found some crazy things that people are sensitive to.  For example, one of our clients who was eating really well, cooking most things in coconut oil (which we recommend), kept swelling and we couldn't figure out why.  We were at the point of thinking she may have a tumor or internal bleeding- it was crazy.  We found out she's sensitive to coconut.  Holy heck!! Everything she was eating had coconut oil in it.  When we cut that out, boom in two days she was leaner.

We also have several of our staff that as soon as they go out to eat at certain restaurants they instantly swell and feel bad.  It is truly crazy how these things have an effect on our bodies. 

One of the things we try to focus on in the nutrition program is finding certain foods that you are sensitive to and become inflamed by.  There are certain foods that virtually everyone has some issue with.  When we cut those out you can see dramatic improvements.  If you're interested in learning the science and the why behind it, I'd like to highly encourage you to join the program.  It's 3 months, of education, guidance, accountability, and specific recommendations to help you be the healthiest person possible.

It starts September 1st and is filling up quickly.

Let a coach know if you want to join and we'll get you in.

Also, it's open to the public so if you have a friend you'd like to join with you let us know!




Front Squat while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Box Jumps x 20

Muscle ups x 5/ Dips x 10

5 rounds for time

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