8-16-18... What Are You Willing to Tolerate...

Typically when we make a decision it's usually based on what we do not want to tolerate anymore.  For example, we decide to do a workout program because we are done tolerating our physical appearance or our health etc. Where we fail to achieve things usually comes down to what we are willing to tolerate or what we are not willing to tolerate.

For example, we choose to tolerate a little bit of body fat over denying ourselves the sweet treats.  We know that eating those things will negatively impact us, but we choose it anyway because we've decided that we can tolerate our current state.

It's only when we make a decision that we will not tolerate where we are at any longer and will make choices to do the actions required to get to where we want to go that we will achieve our goals.

What are you willing to tolerate?  What are you not willing to tolerate any longer to achieve your goals?




Clean and Jerk


"Tabata Something Else"

20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest x 8


Push ups

Sit ups


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