8-8-18... Motivation...

I wanted to apologize for taking a break that last several days on the blog.  The truth is, I just didn't feel much like writing.  I didn't feel inspirational or motivated.  I needed to take a minute.  My dad passing and the stress of that really affected me more then I expected.  But I'm back.  Sometimes even when you don't feel like doing things you still have to just do them.

Training is a lot like this.  There are many days when I don't feel like working out.  Shocker right?  I'm human.  I get busy.  I work a lot.  The gym is my office so I don't get to leave my work and then go work out, and despite popular belief, we don't just hang out and work out all day.  It takes a lot of work to run the business and take care of 170ish people.  If I've been at the gym for 12 hours, I don't really feel like doing a workout at the end of the day.  That being said, motivation is over rated.  You see, once you start training, you don't need motivation any more, you just focus on what you have to do.  Motivation is really only needed to get started, and even then if you're waiting around for motivation, you'll never get started.

Motivation is a self fulfilling prophesy.  Once you start, then you become motivated to keep going, not the other way around.  So the key to getting motivated to workout is start working out.  Sounds crazy right?  I'm just as guilty as you are for skipping workouts.  ALL you have to do is make a decision.  Decide to start the workout, then the motivation will come.

Here's the interesting fact....

You will never ever regret doing a workout, but you will ALWAYS regret not doing it.  So, get started.  Show up and the rest will take care of itself.




Dip Clean and Jerk


800m run

3 min rest

5 rounds

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