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Are your actions aligned with your goals?

You say you want to achieve x, y, and z, but in reality are you daily actions moving you towards that goal?  Are they in alignment or are you choosing to do actions that move keep you stagnant or worse move you away from your goals.

You hit your goals not by focusing on the long term and becoming overwhelmed but focusing on today.  What can you do today to help you achieve your long term goals?  What can you do in the next 5 minutes to progress you towards your long term goals.  You win the goal, by winning the next 5 mins, winning the day, then winning the month, quarter, and year.

If you get off track over the next 5 mins what can you do to realign your actions with your goal over the next 5 minutes?  Break it down, focus on little actions that create large results over time.  Hitting goals is a marathon not a sprint, but it requires focus and dedication on aligning actions and goals.




OHP while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


KB Swing x 25

Box Jumps x 25

250m row

3 rounds for time

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