7-11-18.... Lessons From Sam Smith...

I missed the last two days of blogging because honestly, I've just been busy.  Life got in the way a little bit and fell off the blogging wagon for a few days.  

It happens.  Life happens.  Things mess up.  Which brings me to my blog topic....

Saturday night Krystal and I went to the Sam Smith concert in Nashville.  This guys is a multi millionaire professional musician/ singer.  He has an entire band, and crew that travel with him.  All I'm sure very experienced professionals.  (keep that in mind)

The music starts, and it's dark and Sam rises from under the stage sitting in a chair with one spotlight on him.  It was a pretty cool entrance.  He sings his first song and nails it.  The crowd is hyped everyone is having a good time.  As soon as the song is done, Sam walks off the stage.  I'm thinking he's getting ready for his next song.  There's a long awkward pause and then the house lights come on.  They announce they are having technical difficulties and will resume in a moment.  About 20 minutes later they started again.

Now mind you, again, these guys are all professionals, they make millions doing this for a living and something screwed up.  Then the coolest thing happened.  Sam started the whole show over.  He rose up from the bottom of the stage again sitting in the chair, did the exact same first song again, and rocked it for a second time, and then proceeded to continue the concert.

There's a couple of key points here that I think are relevant for us.

1) Even professionals make mistakes.  The key is to resolve the issue and keep going.

2) It's perfectly ok to start over.  When confronted with the choice, Sam started completely over.  Sometimes you need to take it again from the top.  Even though the crowd had already heard him perform that song, he felt it relevant to do it again and do it right.

3) His second rendition of the song was just as amazing as his first.

We ALL make mistakes in life.  I guarantee you, Sam Smith is a perfectionist.  He was not happy about the glitch.  But because he's a professional, he understands that things happen, we all make mistakes, and you have to laugh about it and keep moving forward. It's perfectly ok to start over, and take it from the top.  When you do move forward make sure it's as good or better then the first time you do it. 

I get messages all the time where someone ate "bad" yesterday and what should they do now etc.  I'm not writing to make light of the situation just merely coach here.... you are one meal away from being back on track.

Again we all slip up.  The reality is it wasn't an accident.  It was a decision, and that's fine.  Be ok with that decision.  Just know that in order for you to be successful you must make more decisions moving you towards your goals then away from them.  Also, there's no such thing as bad food.  There's food that will help you progress towards your goals and food that won't, but we should be careful to not develop an unhealthy relationship with food, it's just food. 

Lastly, no matter what we decide to do in that moment, you are one decision away from being back on track.  If you decide to eat something that moves you  away from your goals, your next meal can be a decision to correct course.  Just because you ate an ice cream sunday doesn't mean your day, week, month, year are ruined.  Just get back on track.  If you decide to not go to the gym today, decide to go tomorrow. You got this!

Remember, that when Sam Smith took it from the top, he did the same song over again just as good as he did the first time.  If you must repeat an effort, repeat it, own it, and rock it!




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