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We ALL fall off sometimes.  Before vacation, I was feeling pretty good about my progress.  Then I went on vacation.  Staying with my grandma, as soon as we got there she had made us gluten free cookies and brownies.  She loves through food.  I am an addict.  A sugar addict.  If it's there I'm going to eat it.  I do not have enough will power to refuse, and if I did in that situation it'd hurt my grandmothers feelings so I gave into the pressure.  Once I fell off with the brownies, for the week, I pretty much fell off with everything. 

I'm just like you, when I fall off, I fall off hard, and then most likely feel the same way you do.....

Well I've already fallen off, I might as well have another meal of pizza etc.  Here's the thing though, while I did gain 7lbs on vacation.  I'm not fretting about it.  I'm not a terrible person, and my life isn't in ruins.  There is no such thing as good and bad food, and you shouldn't have a relationship with food either good or bad.  The truth is, it's a decision.  It's a decision to eat something.  Now whether that positively or negatively effects our goals and our bodies, that is another story.  IF we make more decisions to eat things that positively effect us, then we will progress towards our goals.  Vice versa is also true.

With all that being said, when we do choose something to move us away from our goals, we are one meal away from getting right back on track.  That's it.  We have a tendency to think life is over.  Everything we've accomplished is ruined.  We are right back to the fat monsters we saw in the mirror before we started training to begin with.  This is not reality.  First off, you're not a monster.  You are beautiful.  Second, while if you're like me, you may retain water and be a little swollen, those things go back down as soon as you dial it in.  The 7lbs I gained will be gone by Friday if I dial in my stuff.

Just because you made some decisions to move off track, doesn't mean your life is over.  Get back on track.  If you need help, reach out.  We are here for you.  We got this.  Let's dial it in this week.  I know I am.



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2k row

1 mile run

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