6-13-18... Men Of Influence...

The most influential man in my life is my grandfather.  My mother had me as a teenager and neither my father or mother could take good care of me at the time.  My dad's parents, my grandmother, Omi, and my grandfather, Poppie, took my brother and I in and raised us as their own kids.  My grandfather was retired from the Pensacola, FL fire department due to a spinal injury sustained while fighting a fire.  Even on disability, he was able to rehabilitate himself and eventually started his own business selling and servicing fire extinguishers.  

He is the person who taught me how to work hard and grind.  He busted his tail at a very physically demanding job for many many years to provide for his family.  I worked with him many days helping with the business, sometimes paid, sometimes not, but always learning lessons of hard work focused on excellence. Had it not been for his many words of guidance, I would not have the work ethic or drive that I have now.  There have been many times when I wanted to quit, but knowing the lessons he taught me, I have pushed through.  He was not an easy man to work for, but I'm so grateful he was so hard on me.  He made me the man I am today. 

This Saturday we are having a special workout called the Men of Influence workout.  It is in honor of Father's day but we want to open it up to any man of influenced that has had positive impact on your life.  The workout is open to the public so please share a great experience with your special people.

See you there!




Snatch Balance


Wall Balls x 25

500m row

4 rounds

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