6-6-18...Giving Your Best Effort...

Yesterday we did a workout that involved heavy farmers carries.  That workout was hard.  It was very very hard.  It also had a 20 minute cut off.  I put the cut off in the workout because I didn't really want you to get more then 20 minutes of work in on that workout.  I wanted it to finish around the 20 minute mark.  I also coached the morning classes and decided to challenge everyone to do more then they thought they could do.  I wanted them to get the work in.  As a result, I saw so much negativity with people that didn't finish 3 rounds of the workout within the cut off.

Guess what guys.....

I didn't finish the 3 rounds within the 20 minute time cap.  Only a few of the best athletes in the gym finished all 3 rounds.  I did my absolute best effort, and I didn't finish 3 rounds.  It's ok to not finish within the time cap.  I expected almost everyone in the gym to not finish within the time cap.  It's ok. 

Here's where we have to go mentally:

You have to be happy knowing you gave it your best effort.  That's why one of our core values is Always Give Perfect Effort.  Are you living it?  Can you do your best and be happy with it?  Let's work towards getting there mentally.  Be happy with your effort.  Get excited about the challenge.  Sometimes you don't finish.  Sometimes I don't finish.  It's ok.  We aren't in an olympic competition it's just one workout ;)  Let's have some fun!

Work hard, be proud, celebrate your wins and your efforts.




Dip Clean and Jerk


Pull ups x 10

Thrusters x 5

AMRAP 15 mins

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