6-5-18... Choosing the Easy Path...

Let's face it, training is hard.

It's hard mentally, it's hard physically, it's just freaking hard.

That being said, you do not make growth or progress staying within your comfort zone.

It's supposed to be hard.  You're supposed to choose the hard path.  That is what will give you the fastest results. 

We all say we want results, but are you choosing the easy path? 

When you begin a 200m or 400m run do you walk most of it even though you could probably jog some? Do you hit the end of the building and walk because nobody is watching you?

Do you skip workouts because you think they'll be too hard?

Do you use bigger bands then necessary on pull ups, or not put the weight you know you could do because it's going to be difficult?

I'm not calling you out here, but I'm just asking you to take a self assessment.  Are you deliberately choosing things that are easier?  If so, how to you expect to get the best results?

The opposite should occur.....

When you see a hard workout that should be the one you choose to do.

If they weight is supposed to be a certain weight, push yourself and do it.

If you can accomplish the task with a lower band do it.

If you can run 20 more steps, or to the 200m line etc. DO IT.

That kind of mentality will help you achieve what you signed up to achieve. Always always always give your perfect effort.  Fight for the last 10%.  Give your best and give it all.  Then you'll be more successful.






200m Farmer Carry

Box Jumps x 20

400m run

3 rounds for time

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