5-31-18... Miserable or Strong...

We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.

- Carlow Castaneda

Do you find that you talk yourself out of doing things because they are hard? The work that is required to do a hard thing is typically less then the work that is required to stay where you are at and not progress.

In exercise for example, you can choose to not work hard, and not exercise, but working through the bad health outcomes is way harder then actually just putting in the work to exercise.

It's typically the perceived pain that is the problem.  On the exercise example, the perceived pain of starting an exercise program, or doing a workout is usually way worse then the pain experienced of actually doing the workout. To top it all off, there is tremendous psychological and physiological benefit to completing the exercise.

You're going to work either way, let's pick something to work for that will benefit you.




Front Squat while resting complete sets of auxiliary work



400m run

KB swings x 21

Pull ups x 12

3 rounds for time

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