5-25-18... Sharing Our Work....

Do you love what we do? 

Have we changed your life? 

We have had 1000's of people go through our programs and experience at the very least improvements in their fitness but for many it's been a life changing experience.  If either is the case for you, one of the best things you could do for us is refer us to your friends.  Share what you're doing.  Help us spread the word.  I know everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, but the reality is that's not the case.  People just don't talk about what they are doing to other people anymore.  Some of you do talk to your friends and I'm grateful for that, but we are a small business and we thrive off of word of mouth.

We would love to help more people and one of the easiest ways we can do that is through referrals.  We noticed we've only had 2 referrals in the last 5 months.  We would love to see that number at 2 a month!  We know there are so many of your friends that would probably be interested in joining, but are too shy to ask or are intimidated.  So I'm asking you, is there 1-2 people who you know who could benefit from our program? 

If so, let them know.  If every person in the gym brought one friend to join them, we would have the opportunity to help hundreds more people.  In truth, that's what it's all about.  Helping people make positive life change.

If you don't know how to have that conversation with a person let us know and we can walk you through that.  The easiest thing for you to do, is talk your friend into giving us a call.  You don't have to sell them on the program, just tell them how much you love it, and have them call us.  We can take care of the rest.

We want to positively affect 1000's more people and we can not do it without your help.  So again, do you know anyone who could use our help?  Let us know.

PS: We do an incentive for referrals!

Thanks for being awesome!




Dip Clean and Jerk


Pull ups x 15

Wall ball x 30

3 rounds for time


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