5-15-18... Just Like You....

We all struggle.  I unfortunately wasn't blessed with amazing genetics where I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight.  I struggle to get my workouts in as well.  I don't get to leave work and go to the gym, the gym is my work, so sometimes it's hard to get a workout in because it ends up turning into a project that needs to get done for work.  I get behind in my workouts and nutrition just like you do.  I get fed up sometimes and frustrated with my performance.  The same struggles you're going through, I go through.

One of my major struggles is with nutrition.  I know what I'm supposed to do and I stay dialed in for long periods of time.  Unfortunately, when I go off the end, it effects me way worse than many people. I stack on fat like crazy.  Just going off track for a week I can easily gain 10-15lbs of fat, and it certainly doesn't come off that easily.  So it's always a struggle.  To stay dialed in for so long is exhausting.  Especially when nobody is holding you accountable.  So I get it.  I understand when you fall off.

Someone once wrote to me in a survey after they left the gym basically that they want to workout in a place where the person practices what they preach.  It was extremely hurtful, because I do 98% of the time.  That 2% just effects me way worse then most.  One of the major things I love about our program is that we are all alike and we are not alone.  We all go through the struggle.  For most, consistency and accountability is what is needed to be successful.  One of the best things that I've done and that gets me results as well is our nutrition program.  You get an education on the why behind the recommendations. You get accountability, meal plans, recipes and coaching.  It's literally built to create an enormous amount of success and set you up to win long term.  We have some spots available so let Krystal, or Sarah know and they can get you signed up.

I'm dialing my stuff in this week as well.  It's time to get back on the wagon.




OHP while resting complete sets of auxiliary work





Pull ups


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