5-14-18... Follow the Plan...

I've written about this so much but it bears repeating.

Anthony and I were talking the other day and he mentioned that his overhead lift at 115lbs had never been that easy before.  Then we had a talk about how the plan is working.  Guess what guys and gals, he's following the same workout plan you are.  So am I.  The program works.  It takes consistency and commitment to the plan and then it takes time. Anthony, and I don't do anything special.  We don't spend tons of time doing more and more work.  More work is not the answer.  Quality work is the answer and that's what the programming does for you.  Caveat- saying you're following the programming but then adding 20 extra pounds because it feels light right now will not get you better faster.  It'll cause you to plateau.  Again, more work is not always better.  It is designed to progress a certain way for a reason, and staying under that threshold should allow you to continually go up and get stronger each and every exposure. 

If you want some extra things to work on, work on skills that we don't do much in the class setting.  For example, hand stands, hand stand walks, muscle ups etc.  If you want some guidance in those areas we offer 5 and 10 packs of skill sessions that are available for you to spend one on one time with a coach and can give you homework etc in order to accomplish that skill that you are so close to accomplishing.

Double Unders

Kipping pull ups

Butterfly kipping pull ups

Hand stand push ups

Hand stands

Hand stand walks

Muscle Ups




those are just a few that I think could always use coaching and extra work.  Let us know if you're interested we'd be happy to get that set up for you.




Deadlift while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


400m Run

Box Jumps x 10

Push ups x 10

AMRAP 20 mins

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