5-10-18... Nutrition is Key....

Nutrition is a key stone habit.  I believe it's really about 70% of the results.  Good nutrition leads to better performance, better performance leads to better results.  Good nutrition also leads to better responses from the work.  Which leads to better results.  Most people just give up over the summer.  I have too much travel to do.  I have the kids out from school.  I have this and that etc.  Guess what ladies and gents, this is the time that you will be best suited to have a coach.  It's called accountability and we ALL need it.

Our next nutrition program is beginning soon.  We still have spots available. 

Meal plans 




You can spend the entire summer making tremendous progress.  Who's with me?




Dip Clean and Jerk


400m run

TTB or KTE x20

Push Press x 20

4 rounds for time

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