5-7-18... Being Satisfied With Our Best...

We spend so much time getting down on ourselves when we literally gave our best effort.  It's impossible to do better than your best.  If we tie happiness to an outcome rather than the effort we will always be disappointed.  EVERY person thinks they could do better.  Nobody is happy with where they are at.  A professional athlete can win the top pinnacle of their sport and they will still have things they aren't happy with.  The key to satisfaction is to always give your best effort and when you know that you gave your best effort be satisfied with whatever outcome happens.

Always Give Perfect Effort (that's a core value in case you haven't been paying attention)

Let's give our best effort this week and be thrilled in the endeavor!




Bench Press while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Rowing x 10 calories

C2B Pull ups x 10

Push up hand release x 10

AMRAP 12 minutes

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